Back Links – What We Must Have to Succeed Online

There is no way around it. If you are running an online business and want to rank for your keywords, you must absolutely work to get back links. It is like a websites’ form of money, where the more you have, the more you get. How you get the back links is up to you, some methods however outweigh others in terms of link juice. Here are a few methods I would suggest.

Article Marketing: 구글광고대행

Article marketing is by far my most favorite method of generating links. For me, writing is easy and natural. The more I write, the more efficient I become. You would probably have similar results if you put your back into learning how to write and how to type.

Submitting your articles to a high PR (page rank) website like Ezine Articles will give your website some serious link juice. The back link you can leave in your author resource box will carry more weight than most other methods. It is definitely a slower process that affects your websites ranking in more medium term and long term periods. You won’t see immediate results like you might with social bookmarking. But being patient with the search engines, namely Google, will surely having you reaping your rewards down the road.

More on article marketing; if you were to write a good article in a popular topic, you would stand a good chance of others scrapping the article content from the article directories. This way you will get hundreds or even thousands of more back links virally.

Blog Commenting:

This a fast and easy way to pick up quality back links, especially if you can find relevant blogs that have a high page rank. To get back links from commenting on blogs, you simply would find a blog, leave a relevant comment towards the blog post, and then leave the back link in the post. Many times, blogs like WordPress will leave a spot for your website. If not you would just have to leave the anchor text in html form.


Most forums will allow you to leave a link to your website in the signature area. To get a back link, you would just set up your signature with a link to your website, and then participate in discussion with other forum members.

You would not want to go in there and leave a comment just to get a back link though. This is frowned upon and could get you kicked out of the forum. Participate in meaningful discussion and leave worthy remarks. Who knows, you may even get some followers and clicks through your sig link as well as giving you link juice.


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